Dr. Chau Chak Wing invited to World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid’s 2019 Policy Dialogue

From October 21 to 22,2019,the World Leadership Alliance–Club de Madrid’s(WLA-CdM)2019 Policy Dialogue was held in Madrid,Spain.Dr.Chau Chak Wing,Chair of the Asia-Pacific Region of WLA–CdM President’s Circle and Chairman of the Kingold Group was invited to the forum.A total of 150 attendees,including 32 former heads of state and government, experts and scholars in science and technology,education,and business leaders,carried out discussions on topics such as how artificial intelligence changes people’s life,society and politics.

On October 20,Dr.Chau Chak Wing was also invited to the Board of Directors of the WLA–CdM and discussed the preparation for the 2019 Imperial Springs International Forum.At the General Assembly of the day,the WLA–CdM elected a new council.Former Slovenian President Danilo Türk was elected the new president of the organization.